Reading and Writing with Friends


Doug sat next to me — silently, in meditation more than five hours per day for nine days — in North Fork, and on the tenth day he told me about his essay.

” ‘We’ve been making glass for thousands of years, and we still don’t have a good idea of what it is,” says Mathieu Bauchy, a glass expert and materials researcher at UCLA. Most glasses are made by heating and then quickly cooling a mixture of ingredients.”

The Glass Age

I’ve been thinking about that quote for weeks and how its metaphorical scripture that might also be applicable to life. How it is so possible — in fact, easier sometimes — to make things without fully understanding them.

Lorissa lived in the deep redwoods when we met in college — the quarter we read Faust and Lacan. Now she lives deep in the Upper West Side and has nearly finished grad school.

“Part of me felt extremely foolish for giving any credence to ridiculous ideas. Then again, if telepathy had a proponent as sober and sane as the author of The Jungle and Oil!, perhaps there was something to this theory.”

Ben Lomond

Soon she and her husband will live in LA.

Rae pointed me in the direction of the thing you are most afraid to write?

Write that. 

“The curves of the bedposts with their chipping paint and cracked corners, scars from being strong for too long. “

Beautiful & Terrible Things

It’s unfinished and unedited but there’s this unexpected turn that it makes — a mystery — that I’m deeply curious about, knowing full well it might be a few years or a few nevers before the manuscript is complete.


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