The Baffled King


I sang next to her harmonies, to the left, above the abandoned rock quarry in the nights leading up to eclipse. And in the year before, I’d been left nearly alone with the guitar and, to the left, his harmonica carried us through along with the campfire along the coastline. Together, these were the first two times I fell out onto the musical tightrope and held my balance. In a third attempt, in the surprise of the following spring, with the patience of one my oldest friends I sat, to the left, and recorded and realized that if I left the right spaces and asked in a gentle invitation, I could remake and share those two experiences that I’d retired myself to never hearing again.

By the summer, that quiet resignation fell like a broken crown.

If you cast me as David, I’d have found the seventh chord to be — by far — the most elusive.

Laura T. Lewis
– Vocals
Mike Morgan – Harmonica
Colin Gailey – Guitar & Engineering Wizardry

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