Thirty-Second Pitch


My conversations with my friends (and my father) about being in bands have always felt of a kind. Somewhere between the nodes of a (dys)functional family, a polyamorous love affair, and a business partnership. But those were just analogies. But really they were relationships, as far I could tell, but without a lot of the help. Sure, there were all of the musical things that you could coach and work on; but all of that was just the content. What about the relationships themselves; the process? Making music was like making love, somewhat, but it was also something different that I haven’t really felt has been investigated as much as it would seem. It just seemed like no one ever seemed to really actually know what was going and stumbled through the problems of ego, and anxiety of creativity, and challenges of compromise and collaboration and magical thinking and the time management of commitment.

It seemed like there ought to be some form of a book on how to be (better) in a band.

I’m not entirely certain what should be in this untitled, unpublished, undrafted book, but I do feel like it should exist if it doesn’t already.

But the thirty-second pitch? A self-help guide, maybe like a workshop kind of thing, about being in a band and navigating all of the relationships and personalities and drama. Probably short like Steal Like An Artist, If The Buddha Dated, and maybe even a series of exercises like The Artist’s Way. Maybe just a series of conversations about the problems and the solutions of being in a band. Not a one-size fits all dogmatic thing; but prescriptive in the same way that good introspective books can be.



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