Sense of Fantasy


I wouldn’t dare be caught referring to them as dreams, because that would imply a whole flight-like sense of fantasy. But, if I’m being honest, I do have a few things I’d like to lucidly evaluate, were it not for all the worst case scenarios born from hypothetical questions with answers only found through direct trial and error.

What’s often initially challenging about tackling any of these not-quite-dream-projects is that the best case scenario, in my weathered prognostication, often looks to me like a mirage of the worst case scenario: if the idea is actually good and worthwhile, it will end up being a lot of work; if it is successful, not only will it likely require a lot of additional work, but it would then potentially keep me from pursuing any of the other projects I’d like to tackle.

But the real worst-case scenario is that none of this things are ever given an opportunity to exist.

As if the unrequited projects of life were an unwatched Netflix queue.



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