Visual Engineering


The special task for the day was to practice something I wasn’t good at, so I watched and sang along to a few Youtube videos on harmonizing. It’s a very odd experience, whenever you are just getting the hang of a new skill, and teetering on the verge of success. To harmonize well, you are listening to one melody, but hearing an entirely different melody in your head.

Then I sat down with my book (that I didn’t want to end) and started over at the beginning, this time with a pencil, to practice the art of underlining passages and responding directly to the page, with words of my own.

“Fine art is like art that exists for its own sake. The thing that fine art does is itself. Design is art that does something else. It’s more like visual engineering.”

Which was — I think — like a kind of harmonizing, to read the words, but write something else.


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