An Obvious Absolution


Perhaps it was a microcosm of the greater lesson, if I applied it concretely.

Just as I was about to give up completely — ready to assume the whole cable scenario was broken — I looked one step further. Not just assuming that the cable was oddly broken invisibly in the walls, but instead investigating the backstage portion of the patchpanel. Really looking at the deepest level of how the thing was put together.

What had seemed impossibly opaque, in fact, made such perfect sense, and the solution to the problem felt almost estatic. The moment of “Eureka” more an obvious absolution of an ignorance than a mysterious fact.

It would be a short victroy, this troubleshooting and repair work that I occaisonally became mired within, but it was a small victory, a small win to take home with me, fitting in the overhead compartment.

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