Other Advertisers


AT&T is advertising @ me in Español.

I tap the arrow menu above the ad and there, just as plainly as the spanish, is my question — Why you’re seeing this ad.

Two short paragraphs appear. Twitter surmises that I speak Spanish but am located in the United States.

Both of those statements are true, mas or menos. Whatever profile and footprint of my activity those services have tracked, my browsing history during the six weeks I was in Mexico probably indicated I can speak some Spanish, and read a bit more.

As much as I am someone interested in my own digital privacy, I’m also now someone interested in advertising to people, as well. And the algorithms, especially on Facebook, seem to be keenly aware of that update in interests. Too keen, in fact.

In the Facebook realm, most of the ads I see are from other advertisers talking about how to advertise and make money on Facebook. And in that intersection, while I don’t find myself all that disgruntled about advertising itself, I am frustrated by the tactics at play by those individuals supposedly selling secret tactics and strategies. Or that my metaphysical footprint looks like I’m susceptible and a clear audience target.

Because if they truly were such brilliant strategies, I’m not so certain they should be selling them. So someone here is likely a sucker.

Advertising, when properly implemented, could and should be quite helpful. I can imagine, in fact, with a bit more structure, that there would be a hundred ads I would probably be fascinated and delighted to encounter.

Perhaps even some in Spanish.



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