A Strange Cascade of Possibility


Take, for example, this comparison — there are fewer atoms on earth than unique combinations of a single deck of cards.

Take, for another example, all of the seven-point-something billion humans on earth, and give them each their own deck of cards and ask them to shuffle the deck eight times and then deal out a tableau of Free Cell solitaire.

Less than a 100,000 of those arranged columns — eight across, six or seven deep — are predicted to be unbeatable. They don’t all seem obvious in their expected solutions — certainly not immediately. What a strange cascade of possibility emerges in the moving ace hunt.

Dealing an unbeatable Free Cell is at least ten times rarer than a four leaf clover.

Even if all the aces are stuck at the top row, as your unique pattern is dealing out, even then, that seemingly difficult position has little bearing on your ability to win.

It’s just a more intriguing experiment in patience.


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