Vase-like Boundaries


Monday, January 21st
First Full Day of Aquarius
Welcome to the season of the Air powered Water Bearer ruled by Uranus. This is 2019, though, so maybe “ruling” is a bit heavy handed. Sponsored By Uranus? In Cooperation With?

Wednesday, January 23rd
Mercury enters Aquarius
One of the oldest signs of the Zodiac.

Sunday, February 3rd
Venus enters Capricorn
Unless you’re metaphysically looping through Punxsutawney, PA and off to see the Groundhog, again. In which case, “I couldn’t imagine a better fate than a long and lustrous winter.”

Monday, February 4th
New Moon in Aquarius
Astronomers and their sensitive instruments have discovered a dozen extrasolar planets orbiting the blooming stars within the vase-like boundaries of Aquarius.

Sunday, February 10th
Mercury enters Pisces (the Fish)
Along with Aquarius, Cetus (the Whale) and Eridanus (the River), Mercury swiftly paddles through the region of the sky often dubbed The Sea given its aquarium full of watery symbols.

Thursday, February 14th
Mars Enters Taurus
In just six minutes, meditate on this light-speed journey to Mars. Once a year, at closest approach, we are literally Thirty (Half-Dozen) Seconds To Mars.

Monday, February 18th
Sun Enters Pisces
One Fish. Two Fish. Sun Fish. Starfish.

Tuesday, February 19th
Full Moon in Virgo
Reflecting the Starfish light.

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