Guests of Influence

2019.02.12.gifDiane Arbus rehearsals

In squeezing water from this stone, there are three major direct influences on my blogging, if one were to drip away the context and content and look instead for whom I have been seeking permission to tread on their trails made both fertile and tame.

Firstly, the decades’ long path of Wil Wheaton‘s storytelling and anecdotes, and the way in which he has been always dealing with his anxieties and depressions in his posts, and overall experience of living in post-Wesley universe.


The second is Seth Godin, who’s daily blog is usually a precise parable about how to look at a problem of commerce or support or sales through a new perspective. The lessons are usually both profound and elegant and great short stories. He was the first person suggesting to start a blog and write every day.

“For most of us, hard work is measured in insight, emotional effort, and connection. It’s been a long time since the economy fairly rewarded people based on brawn alone.”

The third is Austin Kleon, the second person who said, “Just write a post every day” and who also just writes a blog post every day. And always there is an image, as well. So that, directly, is where this whole format has come from. Often times he just presents a quote, to which I will also truncate further and share:

“Writing is not just about writing, it’s also (and maybe mainly) about the space in between the writing, when nothing seems to be happening, or random stuff is having an incoherent party inside your head.”— Jenny Diski

Left to my own devices, the after-effects of those three writers are celebrating in my head. It’s a weird party. I’m thinking I could do to invite some new guests of influence.


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